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Business Venture Can Boost Your Income Up till 47%

In this time that we are living in, you are required to thinking smarter and harder. The market place in both the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world is very competitive. However, there is a business venture that is taking everyone by storm and this business venture is proving to stand the test of time. The business venture that I am about to share with you is building income from home. If you are tired of working for a living and you want to become your own boss than this is the best alternative to use to build serious income starting right now.

In this article I will discuss how it works, if it is worth it, and how can you take the first step.

How Does It Work?

Well the industry is called the work-from-home industry and there are different types of home opportunities to take advantage of. All work-from-home opportunities offer you the chance to make real income by selling there products both online or through hotel meetings.

Usually, most work-from-home opportunities will offer you a website which will contain all of the products being offered by that company. It will be your responsibility to follow your opportunity’s marketing plan so you can assure that you will get customers willing to buy your products.

So the way it works is simple. You sell products and get paid for selling them. The more products you sell the more you get paid.

Is It Worth It?

That question is subjective. Answers vary among people. In any work-from-home venture you become affiliated with, you will have to look at the compensation plan to see if you are happy with how you will be paid. Most opportunities pay according to positions.

For example lets say the first position is an executive team leader(etl), etl’s might make 2500 dollars monthly. As you climb the ranks you will receive bigger pay and you might receive bonuses depending on which opportunity you join.

Where Can You Take The First Step?

The first step you need to do to make sure that you start on the right path is talk to a work-from-home expert. Fortunately for you, there are experts all over the internet. Be sure to ask questions and any concerns you may have. In addition, some experts offer free reports to those who want to learn amazing secrets about the industry.

Obviously, there are many resources on the internet and you may come in contact with someone who may not know what their doing. To avoid any confusion, make sure you get information from credible sources.

This How GPS Tracking Can Put Money Back Into Your Business

If you’re in the service industry you would understand the battle of balancing the chequebook of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

If your vehicle fleet isn’t managed adequately positive cash flow will be jeopardised.

Poor fleet management can lead to draining cash flow, leaving the money pot for your business operations dry.

So, how can you prevent this from happening?

GPS tracking technology.


GPS tracking can help you maintain an efficient fleet to ensure expenses are kept to a minimum whilst productivity soars, and cash flow improves. Here’s how –

1. Fuel

Fuel economy measures the exact fuel burn off all your vehicles and equipment resulting in a more efficient driving style.

Managers are alerted to inefficient driver behaviour such as excessive idle, RPM, over revving and harsh braking, and can provide drivers live feedback on their performance to reduce fuel burn.

Fuel theft and fraud is a major problem in some businesses, it occurs when drivers over-report their fuel usage to get an increased amount of compensation.

GPS tracking prevents this issue by automatically recording engine data including; engine hours, exact kilometres travelled and time spent in idle so managers have accurate reports to compare with the details reported by employees.

2. Automated Maintenance Scheduling

Managers can schedule the type of service and when its due, and can be alerted to vehicle errors to help identify preventative smaller services rather than larger more expensive ones.

GPS solutions also provide detailed engine data including; mileage records, oil temperature, RPM’s, pressure and odometer readings, so supervisors can have an unprecedented level of knowledge of their fleet at all times.

3. Reducing vehicle theft & tampering

Vehicle tracking technology is the perfect tool to relocate a vehicle after it has been stolen (meaning you won’t have to replace it!).

GPS tracking can also detect and alert managers when a vehicle is being tampered with such as when the trailer door is open, this is important when transporting and delivering goods.

Overall, by improving fuel economy and reducing theft in fuel, vehicles and goods, the amount of savings GPS tracking provides means you will have extra cash to put back into your business.

But that’s not all GPS technology can do, with GPS solutions businesses will also advantage from an increase in productivity.

For some businesses, getting more done means more customers served, evidently increasing cash inflow and customer satisfaction.

Top Priorities Become Chief Executives

Businesses are more difficult to run these days because the world has since become a global village making the market place very competitive. Chief Executives who are the drivers of businesses have the following as top priority in the bid to ensure the companies they run strive amidst the ever growing global competition.


In order to remain competitive, businesses must continuously create and identify new opportunities.

Companies must invest in research and development in order come out with new products and services.

Business opportunities could come about by expanding your market geographical base, developing new products, partnership with other businesses.

Many big corporations have lost a large portion of their market share over the years and some have gone under because of their inability to continually create new business opportunities.

It is a must do.


No customer. No Business.

Customers are the drivers of businesses and businesses must continually strive to keep their customers happy while being on the look out for new ones.

Wikipedia defines customer delight as ‘surprising a customer by exceeding his or her expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction’.

Delighting customers is a critical success factor for any business as it creates customer satisfaction which leads to brand loyalty.

In the long run, delighting your customers leads to more business growth and profitability.

Here are some ways you can delight your customer:

Show sincere appreciation for their patronage
Be dependable and do not compromise on standard
Reward customer loyalty
Providing warranty for your products


Minimizing the risks that may prevent an organization from meeting its business goals is a top priority of Chief Executives.

They ensure that structures exists within the organization that continually identifies, assesses, and manages these risks thereby protecting and creating value for its stakeholders.

Now Get a Feel of the Services Offered

There is plenty of variety among exhibition stand designers in terms of what they offer, the services they are the best at, concepts they can incorporate, and how they bring it all together. The amount of time it will take for the project and the pricing also vary. With all of this in mind, take the time to get a feel for the services offered before you hire anyone.

Consultations in this type of business are usually free. It is worth a bit of your time to talk to them and see what they are all about. You should conduct research too that shares with you their reputation, previous work they have done, and if anyone has had issues with the outcome. Don’t compromise and work with just anyone – hold out for one of the best exhibition stand designers.

Ask for Examples

While you want the outcome for your project to be unique, you need to see what they can do. Ask for various examples and look closely at them. Do they appear to be professional? Would they get your attention if you were a customer interested in that realm? What would you improve or change?

You also need to compare them for differences. If they all seem very similar, that is a red flag you don’t want to work with that provider. Look for exhibition stand designers that give a new look to each project they work on. Otherwise, you run the risk of consumers already seeing something so similar, yours isn’t going to capture their attention.

Open Ended Questions

Learn about them and what they offer too. For example, ask them some open-ended questions. Most exhibition stand designers are willing to answer you. If they don’t, you should keep looking for someone else to work with. Ask them what they like the most about their job and what they like the least.

Ask them about the most challenging job they have worked on and the most rewarding. Discuss with them how they handle deadlines and problems that may arise as they work on a project. How they answer you can help you to decide who is right for your particular needs. In the end, you need someone with talent but who can also deal well with the pressure of the job.

Processing Time

Top notch exhibition stand designers are going to have other projects on their agenda with deadlines. Keep this in mind when you approach them to complete work for you. Is it reasonable for them to get it done by the time you need it? Hopefully, you didn’t wait until the last minute or you will have a hard time getting the right provider to complete it for you.

They should be able to give you an idea of the processing time. Keep in mind, that time starts once you have approved the concept they created for you. If you need quite a few changes, it can delay when they actually start on the overall project.

The cost of exhibition stand designers and their services vary. It depends on the methods they use and the types of equipment. It depends on how much time is involved in completing the project for you. Some are more challenging than others so they need to bill you for the time. The more colors you use, the more expensive it becomes.

Don’t worry, they should be able to discuss cost with you. If you have a strict budget, let them know and there may be some ways they can help to reduce that cost. Yet you don’t have to reduce your quality of the outcome either.

Offering a booth or presentation at a trade show or exhibition is a great way to get your products or services known. The way in which you offer the information can influence the impact it will have with your potential customer base. We are a leader in offering amazing options for you to have a successful outcome with your set up and presentation.

This 3 Ways To Fix An Event Gone Wrong

The wardrobe fail on stage didn’t have to become a strip show. And fortunately, the guitar picker was wearing a jacket he didn’t need. But it could have gone south really fast!

Panic sets in when the most indiscriminate thing happens, and the next step can either make or break your event.

For that reason, we thought having a backup plan might be an effective option, something that might be readily available to help you in the event of a crisis.

Solution based thinking is always the first step. But then what? When you’re standing on stage in front of an audience and the ‘bad thing happens’ what then?

Sitting backstage after the show, I noticed band leader Dave Thornhill wasn’t wearing his jacket when he came off the stage, so I asked what happened to his jacket. He grinned and winked at me, then I realized… The young girl singer who had been on the side of the stage was wearing it. The buttons at the top of her blouse had popped off, leaving her nearly bare chested, he’d handed her the jacket right off his back as she turned to face the band instead of the audience, and the show had gone on – almost without skipping a beat.

Sitting in the fourth row of the audience, Buckaroo, Doyle Singer, popped a g-string, kept playing and replaced it with one from his pocket between songs. When it popped again, Don Rich handed him the g-string he’d had in his pocket, and they kept playing.

Professional bands come prepared for most any mishap.

Microphones are switched out, batteries replaced, strings restrung, and wardrobe malfunctions disappear under jackets worn, or strategically placed on the stage.

Your Event Will Have Mishaps

No matter how well planned, choreographed, and staged your event is, there will be mishaps. The band will be doing everything in their power to provide backups necessary for their part of the event, but you need to be ready with solutions and ideas for fixing any problems that may arise on the backside. Here are a few tips and suggestions.

1 – Find the solution. Don’t waste time blaming someone for a mishap, just look for an immediate solution. Take blame immediately off the table, by taking responsibility and cooling any flares with a calm and cool response. This is always the first step to solving a problem.

2 – Stay in the event. Don’t be distracted by outside affairs, keep your mind on the event. If you’re fully interacting, you’ll be better able to catch a problem before it goes too far off kelter and offer solutions. It’s always best to have a few pre-emptive solutions ready to go, but in the event that the problem may not fit within your bounds, be ready to act immediately.

3 – Offer a graceful response. Even if the worst thing happens, be graceful and kind in your response. Everyone deserves grace. Give them grace and be kind. “Things happen.” Might be your new motto. When the worst things happen, shrug them off and move on to the next step with gentle kindness and redirection.

Overview About The Mist Eliminators

Mist eliminators, also known as demisters, are devices that remove liquid droplets or vapor from the work atmosphere. This device has found some applications in many industries where such vapors are released as a by-product of the different chemical processes. Manufacturers produce standard or specialized devices to work as an important part of various industrial operations which include absorption towers, distillation towers, separation tanks, gas separators, evaporators, and so on. Various industries like metallurgy, petroleum, medicine manufacturing use demisters in their production processes or environmental protection measures.

Working Principle of a Mist Eliminator

Standard demisting devices work on the principles of inertia and dispersion. The liquid vapor rises with the gas and passes through the eliminator pads. These pads are fitted with wire meshes with openings that correspond to the predetermined average vapor droplet size, which is generally in the range of 3 to 5 micrometers. Due to the increasing inertia of these droplets, they get attached to the wire meshes. With subsequent passes, these collected droplets get heavier and heavier due to the tensile and adhesive properties of liquids, ultimately falling off the pads. In this manner, the vapor liquid is essentially separated from the gaseous emissions passing through standard eliminator pads.


Eliminator manufacturers of today produce demisters of various sizes and capillary openings based on the above principle. A standard mist eliminator has various advantages as listed below.

· It is an essentially simple device; its size is only dependent on the gaseous emission pathway dimensions

· For such a basic device, it is highly efficient in removing liquid vapors with minimum disturbance to the actual process

· Eliminators improve the output by removing vaporized impurities; they also make gaseous emissions, safer by helping to separate potentially harmful compounds

· With no external power needed for its operation, it is a cost-saving device

· The liquid deposits may be collected and re-processed


According to the requirements of specific industries, there are various types of these devices produced and operating in several industrial applications. However, we may segregate mist eliminator devices into three basic categories as discussed below.

Standard Mist Eliminator

These are the basic demisters that may be used in normal work environments. These devices can work efficiently in standard gaseous emissions, separating liquefied vapors. The mesh sizes of these devices are bigger, and they can sustain low to moderate amounts of gas pressure.

High Efficient Mist Eliminators

These demisters are capable of efficiently handling moderate to high levels of gaseous outputs. The mesh diameters of this type of eliminator are generally smaller for higher liquid retention.

Shock Absorption Mist Eliminator

These are the optimum mist elimination devices meant for use in high-speed machines, where there is a high amount of gaseous emission in an enclosed space. These smallest mesh diameter pads can absorb liquid vapors with the highest degree of efficiency and minimum impedance.

Thus, eliminators are a simple but essential part of those industrial processes requiring efficient and cost-effective liquid vapor separation.

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The Quality and good marketing

The idea of opening a jewelry store never stops to attract the enthusiasm of everyone that dreams to work in the world of precious metals. It’s well known that working in this field it’s not an easy choice, especially because the jeweler has to face a very competitive market that requires competence and a continuous updating activity.

Besides being technically informed on what he’s going to sell, who wants to open a jewelry store must have all the necessary licenses and permissions before starting his business; then, after having wisely chosen where to place the store, another important thing to do is to protect this neoborn business from thieves stipulating an insurance against fire and burglar, and being provided with an alarm system directly connected with the police. As for many other businesses, it’s possible to choose if opening in franchising or totally on your own. The first solution is cheaper, but the profits will be obviously lower.

When you complete these first steps you can think about which products to buy for your store, selecting both costume jewelry and high quality gold and silver jewels. The costume jewelry, preferably branded, is very useful because it can attract a lot of different customers, even the ones that are not rich enough to buy gold or silver jewellery.

At this point it’s possible to think about how to promote your business: you have to tell people why your products are better than others, in order to catch their attention. This is a very crucial moment because it’s now that you can seize the opportunity to make people know the qualities of your jewels. For instance, having an e-commerce could be a very intelligent idea in this sense, because it gives you the possibility to reach potential customers all over the world, expanding your business over its natural boundaries. The Italian e-commerce named Jewellery Italian Style, the jewellery shop online created by Fabio Bolzon, is a laudable example of this. This e-commerce has proved a great capacity of self-promotion and a particular attention to the customer, as it gives a lot of information in order to make conscious the purchase, first of all thanks to the fact that for every product there’s a technical section that fully describes its specific details.

Make Tax Liens In Disappear

When tax liens, bankruptcies and judgments appear on credit reports, they can prevent sureties from issuing bonds and banks from granting loans. This can be devastating for construction companies that need both to succeed.

Are there ways to get the tax lien off the credit report? Yes! Let’s find out how.

According to the government: “A federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets.”

For surety bond underwriters, the tax lien is a red flag for a number of reasons:

  • It can mean the bond applicant had insufficient cash flow to meet their financial obligations.
  • It may be a sign of poor management or weak internal controls.
  • The scariest part may be the “weapons” used by the IRS to collect their tax money. They can issue a tax levy. This permits the legal seizure of property to satisfy the tax debt. They can garnish wages and take money from a bank or other financial account. They also have the ability to seize and sell vehicles, real estate and personal property. These collection activities can threaten the success of bonded projects to the detriment of the contractor and surety. Bad for everyone except the IRS agent.

Here is how to remove tax liens from the credit report:

  1. Wait. Eventually the credit bureau may drop it from the report even if it is not paid, but this can take years.
  2. Pay the tax bill. Eliminating the debt will not remove the lien from the credit report, but will show it as “released.” For credit grantors, this is still negative, but less threatening. Paid liens remain on the report for seven years. So the next step is also needed…
  3. Federal form 12277. With this document you can ask the IRS to withdraw (remove) the lien notice, even when the debt is not paid off!

More about form 12277

This is part of the federal “Fresh Start” program, which provides certain benefits to taxpayers. 12277 is the Application for Withdrawal form. The IRS will consider withdrawing the lien notice if the debt is being paid through a Direct Deposit installment agreement, plus a few other conditions.

The purpose of the Application for Withdrawal is not to eliminate the lien, but to remove it from public view when there is no longer the threat of a tax levy. Consider using this procedure on liens that are not paid off, and those that are!

In both cases it is legal and beneficial to have the lien disappear. But is this practice unfair or deceptive? No, because banks and bonding companies have other ways of detecting the lien. They are not being deprived of relevant information. For example, the debt will appear in the financial statements and also on the Contractor Questionnaire.

One more comment about the dreaded, draconian tax levy: Before the IRS proceeds with the levy they are required to send the taxpayer a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing. This gives the taxpayer one last chance to argue against the levy before it is implemented. Go for it. Maybe it will help. Remember – they’re from the government and they’re here to help!

Now you know the ways to remove a federal tax lien from view. By waiting, paying and / or using form 12277, the lien can be wiped from the credit report. For the taxpayer, it can be an important step toward financial recovery.

Please note: We are not attorneys and are not intending to give legal advice. For that, call your attorney. If you need a surety bond, call us!

Steve Golia is an experienced provider of bid and performance bonds for contractors. For more than 30 years he has specialized in solving bond problems for contractors, and helping them when others failed.

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Business Secrets of Bonding

Laurel and Hardy. Ben and Jerry. Bonding companies and money. They just go together!

Let’s take a look at the focus bonding companies place on money when providing Bid and Performance Bonds. It’s a matter of survival. If called upon, the surety hopes to complete the project with the remaining (unpaid) contract funds. We will see that they track a number of elements. Learn about them here so you know what’s ahead.

Of course there is a significant financial evaluation of the applicant (the construction company), a subject we have written about extensively. Visit the index of article subjects in the “Secrets” web site. Here we will talk about just the bonded construction project.

An early money question is “how is the work funded?” Most bonded jobs are public work. This means the project is paid for with tax dollars. On private contracts, the work can be funded in a number of ways. For commercial building, the project owner may have a construction loan or set funds aside in an escrow account. In any event, the bond underwriter wants to be sure the contractor will be paid after they incur costs for labor and material. Not being paid could cause the company to fail and result in claims on all open bonds.

Regarding the new contract, the surety will ask:

  • How often will the contractor be paid?
  • Is a portion of the contract amount paid up front, immediately when the work commences?
  • Are there Liquidated Damages – a financial penalty assessed per day for late completion of the work?

Once the contract is underway, the surety wants to monitor the money:

  • Is the job proceeding profitably, and therefore headed for a successful conclusion?
  • Do the contractors billings correlate with the degree of completion? It can be dangerous when they get too far ahead by billing the job aggressively.
  • Are suppliers of labor and material being paid on a current basis (by the contractor / surety client)?
  • Is the project owner paying the contractor in accordance with the written payment terms?

Sometimes underwriting issues are resolved by using a “funds administrator.” This procedure is intended to enable the contractor to perform the work, while the money handling is performed by a professional paymaster. The paymaster pays all the suppliers of labor and material, plus the contractor. This procedure minimizes the possibility of claims under the Payment Bond.

When the project reaches a conclusion, there are some important transactions at the end:

  • Final payment – the contractor collects the last regular payment under the contract. There may be a requirement for the bonding company to issue a consent for this payment to be released. If there are any problems or issues, they may withhold such approval. Underwriters may ask to see lien releases (from suppliers of labor and material) to assure that everyone has been paid – thereby assuring no Payment Bond claims.
  • Release of Retainage – the contractor may now collect a percentage of the contract amount that was methodically held back (retained) as security for the protection of the project owner. Surety consent may be required for this, too. The owner will not release this money unless all the loose ends are resolved, referred to as a “punch list.”
  • Bond “overrun” premium – normally the surety is automatically required to cover additions to the contract amount. Therefore, they are entitled to an additional premium for such exposure. If not collected during the life of the project, this would be a clean-up item at the end. Sometimes a refund is issued for an “underrun” (net contract reduction.)

The Overview of a PIC Claim in Singapore

Setting up of a business and running it is not an easy task to accomplish. We expect proper help and support in the initial stages of business set-up to be able to make it profitable. Singapore is a country which provides ample support and even gives almost 400% tax relaxation for any small businessman dealing in PIC. Singapore is a small country in the Southeast Asia, and is known for the ease of business that it offers to various businessmen, both in-house and foreign. The country is only 137 km from the equator and has a very uniform climate all over the year.

The monsoon is good and the relative humidity is on the higher side. The climate is complimented with the friendly initiative by the Government and has created an admirable way of doing business. The PIC initiative has been a success as more people are trying to set up their own venture. Before dwelling any further on the improvement it has brought to the lives of these businessman, let us get a better understanding of the systems that have boosted the economy of Singapore to an advanced position.

PIC Claim – Why it is success

Any company or business initiatives can register for the PIC claims in Singapore which is trying to work on the development and progress of the six Government quality activities. The firms can claim tax deductions up to 400% of the profit and even can opt for 60% of it as cash payment. Naturally, any business trying to make its mark in this field can expect a good return and profitability when investing. Moreover the scheme helps a lot as the number of such businesses is on a rise.

PIC Claim – How does it works?

PIC or Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme is a step taken by the Government of Singapore in 2010 and the regulations and grants are modified in subsequent years. The scheme caters specifically to the small and medium scale enterprise and businessmen by providing lot of tax reliefs and other financial help. The tax deductions are 400% which are also applicable to allowance and it can be opted in cash to almost 60% which have been reviewed to 40% recently.

The scheme allows individuals with the six quality business identified by the Government. These are.

• Design projects approved by Design Singapore Council
• Acquire and lease PIC information technology and automation equipment
• Training of Employees
• Acquire and lease intellectual property rights
• Research and development activities
• Registration of patents, trademark, designs and plant varieties.

The total financial calculations are done for the budget year and the taxable income is determined. The tax deductions are enjoying huge benefits and more entrepreneurs are flocking the job market with their business ideas.

Let us see how each of the six fields works and what are the areas they are supposedly excel to apply for the PIC Scheme.

a) Any physical production requires a design. The Government provides all the benefit of any the design that is made in-house or outsourced to any party. It takes care of the cost incurred by the firm to finally submit the design for further actions.
b) Any purchase or lease of computers, software or hardware and outsourcing them to any other company will make you eligible for the scheme.
c) Any cost borne by the company for skill up gradation of its employees through in-house or external training is also appreciated.
d) Any patented r copyright material is costly. The government pays the business which does this by providing grants under this scheme which takes care of all the expense that has incurred for buying patented and copyright materials.
e) For any country to make progress, research and development of the existing technologies is a must. The government has identified it to be one of the major sectors where it has decided to focus more. Thus any cost that the company has carried out can be eligible under this scheme for validation and approval.
f) Similar to the research and development sector, it is also very important to preserve the cultural and technological milestones that have already been done, as well as the natural resources. The Government provides enough initiative to those who goes to the patent office to get their patent registered.

Checklist for Pa IC Scheme

Though a lucrative scheme by the government, you should be aware of a few facts before you submit your application form for consideration. Always remember to take proper care and understanding the basics of the rule will make the process easier and faster both you and the government.

i) You should know the components and the expenditure of the requirement properly. Submitting a form for something else while you did business in some other area won’t help and application may get rejected.
ii) You must fill the form thoroughly and completely. No incomplete forms are entertained. Submission of forms without completing it will result in wastage of time.
iii) Always provide enough documents as a proof of your claim. The documents help with the intricacies of the system and make your claim more valid.
iv) Always be clear about your income and what the extent of the qualifying amount is. The PIC scheme works only for the qualifying amount and not the total income you had.


PA IC claim is a very good way of doing business which benefits both the government and the business man. The overall development of the country also improves dramatically. The Government can always find latest technologies and equipments at their disposal while the firms get the financing done in a way which will provide the extra investment for them.

The government is wary of any miscalculations that you have so, making false claims or claiming more than what you deserve may land you in trouble. You can get the application or the claim rejected or worse, while you may also lose credibility. Understanding and enjoying the scheme is beneficial if know the rules properly.